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Presentation at plasma workshop @ MTM (KU Leuven)


On 24.03.2022 a plasma workshop took place in which the project partner within KU Leuven was given a presentation with the status and challenges of using a plasma treatment for bonding thermoplastic composites.

One of the topics covered within the ATHENS project is the optimization of the bonding for an adhesive bond of short natural fiber composites. The major challenge here is that a thermoplastic matrix is ​​used, which has a low surface energy. This surface energy can be increased by performing a plasma treatment, which results in a better surface wetting and thus a better bond between the substrate and the adhesive. A better adhesion then also results in a higher performance of the adhesive connection.

A plasma mini-spot from MPG is used, for which a workshop was held on 24.03.2022 in which various parties shared their applications and challenges in using a plasma treatment. KU Leuven was also present, providing an interim update within the framework of the ATHENS project on the results and difficulties encountered during the implementation of this treatment.

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Winner SAMPE Benelux Student Meeting 2022


On May 17-18, 2022, the SAMPE Benelux Spring meeting 2022 took place in Enchede. PhD student Sofie Verstraete participated in the SAMPE Benelux student competition within the project partner KU Leuven, where the award for best (PhD) student presentation was won.

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Within KU Leuven, part of the research was presented at the IAA 2022 conference that took place on March 3-4, 2022 in Carvoeiro, Algarve - Portugal.

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Valorisation committee meeting


The valorisation committee of the AHTENS project met on 24.02.2022.

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