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Poster presentation at the '6ème colloque fibers naturelles et polymeres'


On September 14-15, the '6ème colloque fibers naturelles et polymères' took place at the Center de Congress de l'Aube at Troyes. Here the work within the ATHENS project within KU Leuven in connection with characterizing the bio-fibre filled composites presented by means of a poster presentation.

The '6ème colloque fibers naturelles et polymères' is a multi-year meeting, co-organized by APM and FDR, which provides an overview of the new developments in the use of natural fibers in the field of plastics and composites, with a focus on:availability and processability of raw materials agriculture, properties and optimization of fiber/polymer composites (interface, treatment, etc.), recycling and end-of-life, life cycle assessment and eco-design, differentiating performance of biomaterials, update on applications in automotive, construction , sports and leisure, packaging...

A poster presentation was held here within the ATHENS project to also show the developments within the project in connection with. to propose the production of short fiber filled thermoplastic composites via an injection molding process.


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SAMPE Europe conference


The SAMPE Europe conference took place in the week of November 14-17, 2022. As a selected candidate during the SAMPE Benelux student seminar earlier this year, the work within the ATHENS project was presented during the student seminar.

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Participation in the Adhesion 2022 conference


KU Leuven participated in the Adhesion 2022 conference that took place in the Technology & Innovation center of the University of Strathclyde's in Glasgow (UK).

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Poster presentation at CMG start-up meeting


On 09.09.2022, the start-up meeting of the Composites Material Group (CMG), a globally recognized center for composite materials research that was started in 1982, took place. Project results of the Athens project were shared via a poster presentation.

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