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Cerium Salts: An Efficient Curing Catalyst for Benzoxazine Based Coatings


By mounting and gluing composite materials with an organic matrix, techniques such as gluing or welding can be considered. Various adhesive compositions are provided for this in the context of WP3 of the ATHENS project. More specifically, thermosetting resins of the epoxy or benzoxazine type are contemplated because some exhibit compatibility with polymeric composite matrices in addition to their excellent adhesive properties. Materia Nova, the innovation center of the University of Bergen, has developed expertise in the synthesis of benzoxazine precursors over several years. The main difficulty in use with organic composites is the high curing temperature of this type of adhesive. In recent work published in the peer-reviewed scientific journal "Polymers" ( ), Materia Nova has shown that it is possible to significantly lower the polymerization temperature of benzoxazine resins using a catalyst. . For more information, please contact Materia Nova (